Diamond Rhinestones Car Steering Wheel Cover

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  • Steering Wheel Cover: The steering wheel cover is designed with a non-slip feature, ensuring a secure grip and added control while driving.
  • Material Type: The cover is made from a combination of A Drill and Flannel materials. The A Drill is a type of fabric with a smooth and shiny surface, often used for decorative purposes due to its sparkling appearance. Flannel is a soft and plush material, adding comfort to the grip and enhancing the overall feel of the steering wheel.
  • Main Material: The main material of the cover is Velour, a type of soft and plush fabric known for its luxurious texture and comfort.
  • Diamond Rhinestones: The steering wheel cover is adorned with diamond rhinestones, adding a touch of elegance and glamour to the design. These rhinestones give the steering wheel cover a sparkling and eye-catching appearance, making it an attractive accessory for car enthusiasts who appreciate luxurious aesthetics.